Local Attractions

Don’t fancy another day sitting by the pool with a glass of white wine? Or maybe the weather isn’t behaving itself? The area around Pech is packed with great things to do and see, whether you’re a grownup looking for fabulous castles or a kid looking for adventure...Click an option below to start planning.

As always, if what you are looking for is not listed a quick google will turn up lots of stuff. Please let us know if you find anything really great and we will add it to our site for future guests.

+ Chateau Chambert

This beautiful house, barely ten minutes up the hill from the door of Pech, is the nearest wine-making establishment. It's not uncommon to see the chateau's workers tending to the vineyards all around the house.

The owners are very welcoming, so feel free to pop in and have an impromptu tasting session. Wine can be bought by the bottle or the case, and they can send it to anywhere in the world. In the summertime they also run a small bistro.

+ Rocamadour

This incredible medieval town is built right into a cliff, with steps that stretch seemingly all the way to the sky. Exceptional views and architecture lie in wait, and if you climb all the way to the top you can see the rusty remnants of a knight’s sword stuck right into the wall!

Other things to do nearby include the monkey park and the nature reserve called “Le Rocher des Aigles” (lit: “The Eagles’ Rock”)

  • Distance: 90 minutes by car (map)

  • Best time to go: try to get there as early in the morning as possible to avoid the huge crowds

  • Click here for the Wikipedia article and here for the Tripadvisor page.*

+ Pech Merle Cave Paintings

The pre-historic cave paintings at Pech Merle are 25,000 years old! It is one of the few such sites in France that are open to the public and they are not to be missed.

Tours are available in English and French and a day trip could be combined with a look around the town of Cahors, which is about halfway between the caves and Pech.

  • Distance: 70 minutes by car (map)
  • Best time to go: This is a popular site, so avoid weekends and go early
  • Click here for the official site and here for the Tripadvisor page.

+ Puy L’Eveque

Very nearby, a tiny gem of a medieval village perched on a hill beside the Lot River. Great for a walk around, visit the church and take in the beautiful views.

  • Distance: 10 minutes by car, 75 minutes on foot (map).
  • Best time to go: Any time but remember that things round here close for lunch!

+ Cahors

The biggest town in the area, which lends its name to the local wine. There are several beautiful sites including the very ancient bridge (link below) and the cathedral.

  • Distance: 40 minutes by car (map).
  • Best time to go: Friday morning—there is a huge sprawling market that stretches all over the centre of town
  • Click here for the Wikipedia page.

Boating, Kayaking and Other Exercise

The Lot valley is full of adventures to be had, the greatest source of which is the Lot River…

+ Boating and Kayaking

A quick drive along the river will take you past half-a-dozen places where you can hire boats for trips ranging from an hour to all day. There is one that is easy to find right next to the bridge in nearby Puy L’Eveque (10 minutes’ drive down the hill) but the best that we have found so far is a little further away at a place called Caïx Base Nautique (map):

While the surroundings of the campsite where the boats are hired is not the nicest, once you have hired a motor launch or some kayaks and are around the nearby riverbend you are isolated in the peaceful Lot valley. While it is further away from Pech than some boat hire outfits Base Nautique has the advantage of being some distance from the road, so your trip will be beautiful and peaceful.

A mile or so upriver is the Château, a beautiful many-turreted place belonging to the Danish royal family. Nearby on the opposite bank is a dangling rope—ideal for swinging on and making spectacular dives into water quite deep enough and warm enough to spend an afternoon in.

The centre provide life jackets and it is best to book beforehand. Prices can be negotiated, but we recently hired a boat for €70 for two hours.

  • Distance: 30 minutes by car
  • Best time to go: Up to you but best to avoid the real heat on a hot day
  • Phone: +33 (0) 5 65 21 07 86 or +33 (0) 6 78 84 90 89
  • Email
  • Website
  • Castle

+ Tennis

Almost every village has a court but in some cases secret knowledge that would baffle the illuminati is required to gain access. This is not due to an unfriendly or unwelcoming nature but more to do with the local and old-fashioned nature of the area which has not quite adjusted to mass-information or advertising!

We have found the best court for easy access is the tennis club at Pescadoires, about 8 minutes’ drive down the hill (it is the further of the two villages that you can see from the kitchen window). Best to pop in to book a court (Map). If you need some tennis balls there is a sports shop on the main road going through Prayssac.

+ Walks

The hills around Pech are a source of infinite variety for walkers (and runners). Studded with pretty villages and covered in barely-known woods and meadows, you can explore almost at will as long as you stick to the roads and tracks.

Below is an a description and map of a beautiful 10 kilometre walk taking in the villages of Belaye and Grezels. There are area maps in the cupboard behind the desk, please feel free to borrow one of these for your ‘promenade’. More excellent walks can be found here.


In this very traditional area most villages have their own weekly food and artisanal markets, and the region is famous for its ‘brocantes’ (antiques/furniture markets). Select an option below for more information…

In this very traditional area most villages have their own weekly food and artisanal markets, and the region is famous for its ‘brocantes’ (antiques/furniture markets). Select an option below for more information…

+ Food Markets

Details of weekly food markets can be found in any Tabac shop, but they are also available online at this link. All of the markets have other things on offer as well as food, and the nearby villages are listed below:

TownMarket DayRemarksCar Journey


Friday (until noon)

Small but very lovely, with floral pottery a local

10 mins

Puy l'Eveque

Tuesday (until 1pm)

Small but very lovely, with floral pottery a local

10 mins


Sunday (until 1pm)

A beautiful drive there and can take in the small
steam engine museum too!

30 mins


Thursday, Sunday (until 1pm)

30 mins


Wednesday, Saturday (until noon)

Very large, occupying most of the centre of the city.
Could be combined with a trip to the cathedral and the famous bridge.

40 mins

+ Antiques markets

The likelihood of finding a hidden gem that will become a family treasure is almost absurdly strong at these beautiful traditional French markets. Lots of information can be found at this link.

Note: ‘Vide-Greniers’ are more like garage sales than antiques markets. Look for ‘Brocantes’ and ‘Salles d’Antiquaires’.

Another source of information regarding markets is the yellow book in the cupboard entitled ‘Directoire des Brocantes’.

+ Antiques Shops

Finally, if there aren’t any markets going on the day you want to go then take a drive around the larger villages nearby (Prayssac, Puy L’Eveque and further afield).

Each village is likely to have a Brocante shop of varying quality but universal interest. Grezels, the nearest village that you can see from the kitchen window, has one which is pricey but always has a good selection. Prices can be negotiated and the owner is English.

For the Kids (Including Grown Up ones)

When the pool, garden and meadows need a break there are tons of things to entertain kids and big kids alike.

As always, if what you are looking for is not listed a quick google will turn up lots of stuff. Please let us know if you find anything really great and we will add it to our site for future guests.

+ Go-karting

The Cahors Go-Karting track is not far and provides for children and adults. Perfect for a day when the sun is hiding.

  • Distance: 45 minutes by car
  • Best time to go: Make sure you book before you go to avoid disappointment
  • Phone: +33 (0) 5 65 24 53 55
  • Email
  • Website
  • Price: 39 Euros for 30 mins (children under 12 years old) / 48 Euros for 30 mins (over 12 years old)
  • Map

+ Cinema

The tiny modern cinema in Prayssac has all of France’s latest releases, generally a couple of months behind the UK, and occasionally shows them in English.

A great place for a family evening, or drop the kids off and then head to a nearby restaurant (link).

  • Distance: 10 minutes by car
  • Reservations: A little difficult to find info online so best to pop in and ask
  • Phone: +33 (0) 5 65 22 40 83
  • Address: Place Dutours, 46220, Prayssac
  • Map

+ Adventure Parks

There are two great adventure parks about 40 minutes from Pech. Activities include Tree Roping, mini-golf, paintballing and kayaking, and all ages from 2 years upwards are provided for. Details below…

Cap Nature

  • Dstance: 35 minutes by car—can be combined with a trip to Cahors
  • Phone: +33 (0) 5 65 22 25 12
  • Price: Variable—3 hours of tree roping costs from €10 for little ones through to €20 for over-14s. Paintballing costs €35 for 2 hours with 500 paintballs and all the kit, but less comprehensive packages are available.
  • See website for more details
  • Map


  • Distance: 40 minutes by car
  • Phone: +33 (0) 5 53 71 84 58
  • Website
  • Price: Variable—Tree roping €13.50 to €21 depending on age. Mini-golf €5.80
  • Map