The food in the Lot Valley area is incredible, and there is no end of places to buy it and ways to cook it. Pech’s kitchen is well supplied with utensils and storage space—every cupboard that is open is yours to use. Click the buttons below for more information.

+ Shopping:

There are places to shop to suit all budgets. In general the supermarkets provide everything that you need at decent prices and the quality is very good indeed. For the more discerning, every village will have a baker (‘boulangerie’), butcher (‘boucherie’) and grocer (épicier)—more expensive but even better quality.

Supermarkets: Our favourite is Carrefour in Prayssac but there are two others within 10 minutes’ drive. Click here for a map.

Smaller shops: The supermarket croissants and bread can be a little disappointing. Our favourite baker is called Dimitri Fabien and is in the centre of Prayssac. There is a butcher opposite and other good shops around—well worth a look. Click here for a map.

Non-Food: If you need non-food supplies there are four useful shops next to Carrefour in Prayssac—Bricomarché for hardware, Darty for electrics, Centrakor for just about everything ever made and the pharmacy. For sports equipment there is a well-supplied shop in the centre of the village, but try not to get into a conversation with the owner—he’s a little strange! Click here for a map.

+ Cooking and Eating:

Cooking: Clearly the kitchen is at your disposal, but we also have a barbecue which lives in the space under the terrace. Coals can be bought in all the supermarkets and usually at fuel stations too.

Eating: You are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining areas at Pech:

  • The kitchen can seat up to 18 (with the extension that lives behind the cupboard next to the door to the drawing room).

  • The terrace can seat up to 12 and catches the sun in the morning—perfect for breakfast.

  • The pool hut has a fridge, sink, washing machine, crockery, glassware and cutlery and is great for having a relaxed lunch in the sun.

  • Finally there is a plastic table that can seat 14 and can be moved anywhere in the garden for dinner in the twilight.

+ Restaurants:

There are a large number of restaurants in the villages surrounding Pech catering to all budgets. The local delicacy to look out for is the honey and nut tart (‘tarte au noix’). Always best to call and book, particularly in summer, or just pop in.

As always, if what you are looking for is not listed a quick google will turn up lots of stuff. Please let us know if you find anything really great and we will add it to our site for future guests.

  • Le Caillau (local cuisine): Our personal favourite, a beautiful setting in an open barn run by an English couple. Delicious food. Three courses and half a bottle of wine: approx €40. 10 minutes’ drive away. Address: 46700 Vire-sur-Lot, France. T :+33 (0) 5 65 23 78 04. Click here for a map.

  • La Guingette (local cuisine): Cheap and cheerful in a lovely location down by the river. Great for lunch, with a playground and the river to swim in for the kids. Three courses and half a bottle of wine: approx €25. 5 minutes’ drive away. Address: Bonnet, 46700 Grezels. T :+33 (0) 5 65 30 86 91. Click here for a map.

  • La Stromboli (Italian): A local favourite, excellent pizzas. Pizza and a beer approx €14. 10 minutes’ drive away. Address: 6 Place du Rampeau, 46700 Puy-l'Évêque. T: +33 (0) 5 65 22 64 80. Click here for a map.

  • Hôtel Henri (local cuisine): Cheap and cheerful, good French fare. Steak and half a bottle of wine: approx €22. 10 minutes’ drive away. Address 23 Rue du Dr Rouma, 46700 Puy-l'Évêque. T: +33 (0) 5 65 21 32 24. Click here for a map.

  • Ma Chaumiere (local cuisine): Excellent food with a lovely, traditional atmosphere. Perfect for a romantic evening. Three courses and half a bottle of wine: approx €40. 15 minutes’ drive away. Address: La Rivière de Meymes, 46220 Prayssac. T: + 33 (0) 5 65 22 40 52. Click here for a map.